Tiziano Fratus


Photographer, writer, journalist and poet

Crossing the coniferous forests of California and the Alps, Tiziano Fratus (Bergamo, 1975), has fine-tuned the concept of Homo radix. This was followed by a daily practice of meditation in nature and the discipline of Dendrophosy. Thanks to an extensive network of publications, he is recognized as one of most attentive voices along the semantic and poetic borders of a reconciliation between man and nature. Among his silvan titles are Il bosco è un mondo (Einaudi), Manuale del perfetto cercatore d’alberi (Feltrinelli), Ogni albero è un poeta (Mondadori), Il libro delle foreste scolpite (Laterza), I giganti silenziosi (Bompiani), L’Italia è un bosco (Laterza), il testo meditativo Il sole che nessuno vede (Ediciclo), la fiabelva gotica Waldo Basilius (Pelledoca). His verse have been collected in Poesie creaturali (Libreria della natura), and have been translated into ten languages and publish in journals or in volumes in sixteen countries. He writes for the daily “Il Manifesto” and directs the program Nova Silva Philosophica for Radio Francigena.
Currently, a number of his photographic exhibitions are in place in various cities. He lives in the Piedmontese countryside, where the plain dissipates and the mountains begin to take root.