News 2021

Federica Galli - Green Grand Tour - Palazzo Morando

27 April 2021

Here we go! Finally, museums can open, in total safety for their visitors. 

The great retrospective that the City of Milan, Palazzo Morando and the Federica Galli Foundation are dedicating to

Green Grand Tour


Palazzo Morando
Museum of Costume, Fashion and Image
Via Sant'Andrea, 6 - Milan

For the safety of visitors, booking is recommended during the week [compulsory Saturday and Sunday], following the few instructions by clicking here.

Free Entrance


From 27 April to 27 June
from Monday to Sunday
from 10 am to 7 pm

Federica Galli at Morando Museum in Milan

13 April 2021

It's official, the great retrospective exhibition that the City of Milan wants to dedicate to Federica Galli opens as soon as possible, according to the museums opening in Milan, stay tunes.


It will be held at Palazzo Morando, in Milan's fashion district.

Until 27 June.

Provisional timetable*:
Monday to Friday
from 10 am to 5.30 pm

*Possible variations due to pandemic.


30 March 2021

New Suzuki Burgman 400

Two wheels meet illustration with the ARThletes project

Burgman400 MY21 is the "elegant athlete" that is cloaked in a new allure by meeting 4 Italian illustrators of international renown, who were asked to interpret the technical qualities of the vehicle according to an inspiration that recalls some iconic sports of the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo. The result will be an exhibition curated by

Lorenza Salamon and Ale Giorgini.

For centuries Japan has benefited from a privileged link between representation and reality. Suzuki is no different, taking up a centuries-old tradition and adapting it to the contemporary world and Italian culture. 

In the urban context, the presence of a two-wheeled vehicle, a scooter, is a consolidated and familiar image. Some products, however, stand out for their character on the road, others for having become over time true icons for icommuters, capable of creating fashions to the point of making the man/vehicle relationship a pure expression of the self. Suzuki Burgman400 is among the rare urban presences capable of combining all these characteristics in a single product, thanks to its undisputed qualities, confirmed by its more than ten years on the market and enhanced by the 2022 model year.




Federica Galli and Museo City 2021

05 March 2021

Margherita Leoni paintings come back from Biella

04 March 2021

After the exhibition at the Selvatica festival in Biella, which lasted several months, Margherita Leoni's artworks are back in Milan's gallery.

An occasion to admire them up close, safe and in peace. 

We are available to make appointments so that we can visit the gallery for an entire time. 

For appointments:
T. +39 335 5894 218