Salamon Fine Art is an Italian gallery specialized in Old Master, Modern, and Contemporary Prints, and Contemporary Figurative Art.

Starting from its origins in 1950, the gallery established itself for the its first-class cultural projects, as well as for its ability in both creating new markets and consolidating old ones.

The Salamon Fine Art is situated in the heart of Milan, the Italian art capital, and is now run by Lorenza Salamon.

The most significant private and institutional Italian collections of old and modern prints were born within the walls of the Salamon gallery during the course of the three generations of its activity.

The experience consolidated during this time allows the Salamon Fine Art gallery to offer consultancy services on the study, promotion, restoration, and market of old, modern, and contemporary graphic works.

As for contemporary art, Salamon Fine Art is a promoter of renewed commercial and cultural interest of figurative art in its numerous forms. Indeed, the gallery selects and exhibits artworks that express formal elegance,  respect of traditional and timeless techniques, and inventive originality, are all elements of an universal artistic language.

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