Lorenza Salamon

Lorenza Salamon

Lorenza Salamon

Old, Modern and Contemporary Prints

Lorenza Salamon started working in the gallery at a very young age in 1986. She immediately turned her interest in the main sector of the family gallery, namely the study and sale of original old and modern prints.

Since then, she has organized almost fifty exhibitions, many of which were monographic. Her passion for writing stimulated her to write numerous informative articles on the major western engravers and on their artworks, which were published in major publications of the sector.

In 2000 together with Harry Salamon, her father, she developed, and launched the most ambitious and articulated e-commerce site dedicated to decorative prints ever published on the web: prints on web.

In 2010 the expertise gained in over thirty years led her to write an essay for one of Italy’s most prominent publishing houses ‘Mondadori’ named ‘Know How to See Art Prints’. The essay is considered a cornerstone on the history of printmaking for having brought to the surface the role played by makeprinters throughout the history of our society. Many specialized cultural heritage courses, academies, and university faculties have adopted Lorenza Salamon’s text as part of their official curriculum. In addition to the Italian edition, the essay was translated and published in France and China.

Contemporary Figurative Art

In 1994 Lorenza Salamon started a new sector of the family gallery dedicated to contemporary figurative art that over time showed its validity by feeding a renewed audience of cultured collectors.

The union between her interest for prints and figurative arts arises from her passion for technical skills, formal elegance, the inventiveness typical of original prints, and the distinctive characteristics for which contemporary painters, sculptors, designers, and engravers are selected and followed. In fact, all artists, whether emerging or established, represented by the Salamon Fine Art have been selected because of their strong aesthetic and manual talent.

There are many professional artists that, being discovered at a young age, are then able to animate the international scene of figurative art. Therefore it is Lorenza Salamon’s objective to weave solid and long-lived relationships with such personalities, thus fostering their growth.

In 2009, the greatest Italian artist-engraver Federica Galli put Lorenza Salamon at the helm of her testamentary foundation. Today the Federica Galli Foundation is a protagonist in the Italian printmaking art scene thanks to its promotion of numerous exhibitions, conferences, meetings, and workshops dedicated to this fascinating form of artistic expression.

Starting in 2012, she started emerging in the institutional art sector by curating a series of exhibitions dedicated to important ‘Realists’ in Milan and Trento (at the Muse, the science museum designed by Renzo Piano). The exhibitions curated by Lorenza Salamon conquered and exceeded the record of visits recorded by each institution. These exhibitions portrayed works of Safet Zec, Marzio Tamer, Margherita Leoni, Federica Galli, and Beth Moon.

She also holds regular academic and educational conferences and events in which she delves into the history of paper and its various art forms.

In 2014, together with her friend Marco Ausenda, Lorenza Salamon designed a new market fair entirely dedicated to contemporary figurative art called GrandArt. This fair was brought to life in Milan in 2017 thanks to the collaboration of the colleague Federico Rui and the organization of Promoberg.

In 2018 she left the family’s gallery to found Salamon Fine Art.

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