painter and etcher

Born in 1951 in Rovereto. He did his first studies at the State Institute of Trento, then attending the two-year course at the Magisterium of Graphics in Urbino, where he obtained the qualification to teach the technique of lithography and where takes place the extraordinary between the artist and the Renaissance period, specifically with the painting of Piero della Francesca.
From 1974 to 1981 he lives in Milan. He decides to attend the Academy of Arts without binding to any teacher and therefore to change city every school year. The first year we find him at the Accademia of Brera in Milan with the maestro Cantatore, who moves him towards modern art and above all metaphysics. The second year he enrolled at the Art Academy of Florence, taking an interest in Dada and Pop art. The third year he attended the Art Academy of Venice with the teacher Emilio Vedova studying the Informal; will conclude the last year at the Art Academy of Bologna with prof. Pezzati confronting himself with Conceptual painting and the painting of Giorgio Morandi.
Numerous study trips undertaken by the artist: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, England, Holland, Spain, United States of America, Switzerland.
Giorgioppi lives and works in Bolzano.